Here’s how a woman is betrayed and betrays in the working world. It took a painful lesson to do the right thing.

Blond woman behind a sheet of plastic, lipstick smeared.

Act I: Stripes

There was, of course, the babysitting. That was back in the day when desperate for their night of escape from their domestic daily grind, moms would toss their newborn to you, a kid yourself at nine years old, with barely a minute of instruction about bottles or bedtime before they…

This was going to be the Great Re-Entry. After a frightening road trip, I saw it’s not re-entering. It’s readjusting to a new abnormal.

Silouette of woman standing on a hill looking at bleak landscape.

I always thought I would know, for sure, because, you know, it’s the apocalypse and the smoky ash world will be drained of all color and Mad Max guys are roaring around on their motorcycles and there’s nobody else on the planet but the zombies that wander around pounding on…

None of my relationships had worked out. So she said it was time to be with someone I didn’t even like.

Two women holding hands: This is what happened when my therapist told me to have an affair.

Six years ago, when my life was falling apart, I never would have imagined this is how it would turn out. But my therapist Laura did. “People who have affairs often wind up without their spouse or the person they had the affair with,” she said. …

Leslie Crawford

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