Her surprising advice gave me license to be myself without apology.

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Shrek looking surprised from the movie Shrek.
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Here’s how a woman is betrayed and betrays in the working world. It took a painful lesson to do the right thing.

Blond woman behind a sheet of plastic, lipstick smeared.
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Act I: Stripes

This was going to be the Great Re-Entry. After a frightening road trip, I saw it’s not re-entering. It’s readjusting to a new abnormal.

Silouette of woman standing on a hill looking at bleak landscape.
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None of my relationships had worked out. So she said it was time to be with someone I didn’t even like.

Two women holding hands: This is what happened when my therapist told me to have an affair.
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And if he’s the passenger, I don’t want to admit what I’m thinking.

Man behind the steering wheel with woman in passenger’s seat.
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6 unusual beauty secrets that have helped me look younger.

Pufferfish with enormous lips.
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Woo-woo magic? Maybe. But this works for me all the time.

A woman holding a sparkler with a spray of lighted dots in front of her face.
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Just when I learned how to be alone — I need to figure out how to stop being awful around people.

serious monkey eating a banana.
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The police officer had my number. His advice changed my life.

Night sky with time-lapse image of cars driving on highway.
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